Raw Goldenrod Honey Review on Mini Macks

Virginia Beach, VA — On her blog Mini Macks, Charity recently reviewed different varieties of honey including raw goldenrod honey, and shared with her readers some beekeeping and farming books she has been diving into this spring.

Charity had this to say about the honey she sampled, “Mohawk Valley’s raw goldenrod honey looks like a melted lollipop in a jar. . . The beautiful creamy butterscotch texture is like that of the famous lavender honey of France.”

To read the full review please visit: http://cmacks.com/mohawk-valley-trading-companys-raw-goldenrod-honey-and-four-great-books/

About Charity

Charity is a wife, mommy, talented photographer, and friend who works from home with three children and misses them desperately the days she works away. She is a new blogger pushed out of her comfort zone and after two years of monthly e-updates to friends and family, she finally took the plunge into the world of blogging.

She thanks those who pushed her out of her box in order to share what she is learning in life, and she hopes her posts will encourage other parents to find the balance in life between what is required of them and also what a little (or a lot of) effort can do to create magical moments in their child(ren)’s childhoods.


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